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Hand-Held TDR


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Product Code : CFL510G

Manufacturer : Megger

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Download or View this product's / series details and specifications Specifications (PDF)

Item (Qty) Cat. No.
CFL510G Hand-held TDR 1001-790
Included Accessories
Hard carry case 5410-420
Miniature clip test lead set 6231-652
Bed of nails test lead set 6231-653
Socket BNC to 2x4mm 50 Ohm 25965-154
User guide CD 2002-178
Optional Accessories
Fused test lead set 1002-015
An AUTO selection option ensures that the most effective Except where otherwise stated, this specification applies at an
parameters are chosen, depending on the range required, ambient temperature of 68o F (20o C).
aiding rapid diagnosis of the TDR trace. General
Dual cursors allow complete flexibility, giving the user Ranges
full control and instant indication of distance between two points. 30 ft, 75 ft, 300 ft, 750 ft, 3000 ft, 7500 ft, and 15,000 ft
(10 m, 25 m, 100 m, 250 m, 1000 m, 2500 m, and 5000 m)
A unique, easy one-button press and HOLD feature ±1% of range ± pixel at 0.67 VF
allows comparison between cable conditions. (The measurement accuracy is for the indicated cursor position
Extra high resolution, a white-light backlight, and only and is conditional on the velocity factory being correct.)
grayscale tones gives a vibrant graphical display, useful Input Protection
in identifying key events on the trace. Complies with IEC61010-1 for connection to live systems up to
150 V CAT IV when used with the optional fused test lead set.
 Additional features include:
Output Pulse
Backlit graphics monochrome LCD (256 x 128) 5 V peak to peak into open circuit. Pulse widths determined by
range and cable.
Adjustable display contrast
Resolution to 0.1 m Set for each range with three user selectable steps (in manual
operating mode)
For use on telecom circuit or 150 V CATIV power
Velocity Factor
Variable from 0.2 to 0.99 in steps of 0.01
Power blocking filter not required TX Null
Environmental protection to IP54 Automatic
Power Down
Auto selected output impedance (between 25, 50, 75 Automatic after 5 minutes with no key press
Stays on for one minute with no key press
2 ns pulse for near-end fault location
AUTO option selecting gain and pulse for each range Five  AA (LR6) type batteries, manganese-alkali or nickel metal-
Display distance in meters or feet dydride cells
Battery Life
Uses five AA (LR6) batteries Up to 14 hours (typical)
Designed for indoor or outdoor use, rated to IP54
Case Dimensions
9 in. x 4.5 in. x 2 in. (230 mm x 115 mm x 48 mm)
Instrument Weight
1.32 lbs (0.6 kg)
Case Material
Two 4 mm-safety terminals
256 x 128 pixels, graphics LCD
Operational Temperature:  5o F to 122o F (-15o C to +50o C)
Storage Temperature:  -4o F to +158o F (-20o C to +70o C)
When using the optional fused test lead set, the instrument
complies with IEC61010-1 for connections to live systems with less
than 300 V between the terminals and up to 150 V CAT IV to earth
Complies with Electromagnetic Compatibility Specifications
(light industrial) BS/EN61326-1, with a minimum performance of
“B” for all immunity tests
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